The FDA has approved Roxybond (Daiichi Sankyo), an immediate-release (IR) oxycodone formulation with abuse-deterrent properties, for treatment of pain requiring management with an opioid. Roxybond is the first IR opioid to be approved as an abuse-deterrent product. Oxaydo, another IR oxycodone formulation, has properties that discourage its intranasal and intravenous use, but is not considered an abuse-deterrent product by the FDA. Use of opioids for treatment of pain was reviewed in a recent issue.1

ABUSE-DETERRENT OPIOIDS — Abuse-deterrent opioid formulations have properties that make their intentional nontherapeutic use more difficult, less attractive, and less rewarding, but they are expensive, and whether they reduce overall opioid abuse remains to be determined. No oral opioid formulation prevents consumption of intact dosage units.2,3

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The FDA has approved an estradiol softgel vaginal insert (Imvexxy – TherapeuticsMD) for treatment of postmenopausal women with moderate to severe dyspareunia due to vulvovaginal atrophy (VVA). Imvexxy is the second estradiol vaginal insert to be approved in the US; Vagifem, an intravaginal tablet formulation, was the first.1 Vagifem and Imvexxy are both available in inserts containing 10 mcg of estradiol; Imvexxy is also available in a 4-mcg strength.

TREATMENT OF DYSPAREUNIA — VVA is caused by a loss of estrogen in postmenopausal women.2 Symptoms of VVA include vaginal dryness, vaginal irritation, and dyspareunia.3 Over-the-counter vaginal moisturizers (Replens, and ... Continue reading