Our Mission

The Medical Letter, Inc. is committed to providing objective, practical, and timely information on drugs and treatments of common diseases to help our readers make the best decisions for their patients—without the influence of the pharmaceutical industry.

Many of our readers know that pharmaceutical companies and their representatives often exaggerate the therapeutic effects and understate the adverse effects of their products, but busy practitioners have neither the time nor the resources to check the accuracy of the manufacturers' claims. Our publication is intended specifically to meet the needs of busy healthcare professionals who want unbiased, reliable, and timely drug information. Our editorial process is designed to ensure that the information we provide represents an unbiased consensus of medical experts.

  • If a new prescription drug offers genuine advantages over older drugs, we say so.
  • If a new prescription drug offers no advantage, if its effectiveness is limited, or if it is too toxic or too expensive to justify its use, we say so.
  • If new drug information changes the status of previously reviewed drugs, we publish follow-up reports.
The Medical Letter is supported by its readers, and…
  • does not receive any commercial support
  • does not sell reprints to industry for promotion
  • does not accept advertising in any of its publications

The Medical Letter is a nonprofit, tax-exempt, charitable organization assigned EIN# 13-1881832.