Reader Testimonials
A welcome, refreshing, and needed source in the continual face of biased approaches of pharmaceutical companies
I wrote a similar note to the Medical Letter about a year ago, but am compelled to send another. I have subscribed to the Medical Letter since the early 1970's, either personal subscription or as director of two statewide drug information centers. Your publication has continued...  More
Submitted by C. Conner
I wouldn't change a thing
This newsletter was recommended by my Adv. Pharmacology professor eight years ago, so I subscribed to it. I have not regretted this decision one bit and I continue to look forward to the monthly updates in all categories of medications and other medical topics. I wouldn't...  More
Submitted by L. Ellison
It is so hard to get elsewhere
I especially appreciate the review articles about important classes of drugs, the listing of prices because it is so hard to get elsewhere and varies with insurance, and of course the opportunity to earn CMEs. Thank you all for doing a solid job.
Submitted by J. Condon
The Medical Letter is a "treasure"
In my view the ML is a treasure. For a relatively small cost, we have access to unbiased reviews of new drugs, as well as reviews of drug classes.. This subscription is a no brainer.
Submitted by A. Adinoff