Reader Testimonials
The Medical Letter is a "treasure"
In my view the ML is a treasure. For a relatively small cost, we have access to unbiased reviews of new drugs, as well as reviews of drug classes.. This subscription is a no brainer.
Submitted by A. Adinoff
Very useful summary
I wish to commend the author(s) of Issue No. 1518. It is an excellent example of what I find most helpful: It is beautifully organized for a nephrologist like me. It gives a very useful summary of the approach to drug therapy of COPD. Instead of emphasizing details about each...  More
Submitted by R. Maffly
Feedback about The Medical Letter is all positive!
I rely on Medical Letter to keep me educated outside my subspecialty of reproductive endocrinology. The unbiased information is excellent.
Submitted by E. Marut
I am very happy with The Medical letter
I started subscribing around 1984, after your product was recommended by a professor at my medical school (McGill University, in Montreal, Canada). And I have been very satisfied ever since. Firstly, I have confidence in your recommendations. Secondly, I like that you mention...  More
Submitted by S. Ditommaso