Reader Testimonials
I've been a fan of The Medical Letter for 45 years!
I was introduced to The Medical Letter as a 3rd year pharmacy student when we were all required to get a student subscription. I have been reading and enjoying it ever since. It is a great way to keep up on such a broad range of timely topics and in-depth updates on drug...  More
Submitted by P. Witkowski
The Medical Letter is truly an excellent resource
Thank you very much for many years of excellent information and service which helped me take better care of my patients more times than I could possibly count. The Medical Letter is truly an excellent resource.
Submitted by J. Sullivan
I have been using The Medical Letter for at least 40 years
Keep up the good work. I have been using The Medical Letter for at least 40 years and recommend it highly especially to NP's and PA's who have had very little good pharmacologic training.
Submitted by B. Oddi
The most trustworthy medical publication
Without any doubt, the letter is the single most useful and most trustworthy medical publication I read on a regular basis for the past 30 years. I can't imagine being without it.
Submitted by N. Epstein
It is the single most useful piece of medical literature I read
The Medical Letter is essential for me as a way to lookup information. It is the single most useful piece of medical literature I read with an emphasis on useful. I have been reading it since medical school 45 years ago!
Submitted by H. Rienhoff, Jr.
The Medical Letter has been very helpful to me
I want to thank you for your commitment to excellence and your thoughtful and practical evaluation of medications. During the years I have been in Haiti, The Medical Letter has been very helpful to me as an unbiased source of information on medications, and has also helped as I...  More
Submitted by F. Livingston
You are a national treasure
You're doing a great job. Keep it up. You are a national treasure.
Submitted by A. Goroll
Don't change a thing!
Don't change a thing! I have been getting most of my CME from the Medical Letter for the past 20 years or so. The quality of the articles is excellent, and the information is of immense practical value.
Submitted by A. Weinstein
No need for "new and improved" here
Always a calm and impartial source of well-vetted information. Keep up the good work. No need for "new and improved" here.
Submitted by H. von Marensdorff
Best info out there
Best info out there. Appreciate your great work.
Submitted by E. Hilton
It kept me safe and my patients
The Drug Reps hated when I quoted a negative review from Medical kept me safe and my patients safe.
Submitted by R. Sacks
I have no reservations recommending it to Internists
The Medical Letter provides a thorough yet concise review of medical treatments, their costs, benefits, comparators, and value. It's unbiased and an excellent source of affordable CME and credits toward Maintenance of Certification. I have no reservations recommending it to...  More
Submitted by D. Venes
It's The Medical Letter's old style honesty we fully appreciate!
Please be aware that we all rely on The Medical Letter, and have for years for the basic, non-commercial, honest, non-profit information we require to treat our patients effectively and reliably. It's The Medical Letter's old style honesty we fully appreciate! Thanks and accept...  More
Submitted by W. Douglas
I couldn't have done it without you
It's been 40 years and honestly I couldn't have done it without you. Honesty is a hard quality to come by these days. God bless!!
Submitted by R. Mastroianni
Even in Retirement I Value Your Information
Even in retirement I value your information above others. You have been with me since my first years in pharmacy.
Submitted by D. NEWBERRY
One of the very best medical publications, second to none
Have had subscription since 1st year medical school in 1971... one of the very best medical publications, second to none. No other publication keeps one current on medications and also very important there evidence based and also effective off label use.

I try to...  More
Submitted by L. Kohse
A welcome, refreshing, and needed source in the continual face of biased approaches of pharmaceutical companies
I wrote a similar note to the Medical Letter about a year ago, but am compelled to send another. I have subscribed to the Medical Letter since the early 1970's, either personal subscription or as director of two statewide drug information centers. Your publication has continued...  More
Submitted by C. Conner
I wouldn't change a thing
This newsletter was recommended by my Adv. Pharmacology professor eight years ago, so I subscribed to it. I have not regretted this decision one bit and I continue to look forward to the monthly updates in all categories of medications and other medical topics. I wouldn't...  More
Submitted by L. Ellison
It is so hard to get elsewhere
I especially appreciate the review articles about important classes of drugs, the listing of prices because it is so hard to get elsewhere and varies with insurance, and of course the opportunity to earn CMEs. Thank you all for doing a solid job.
Submitted by J. Condon
The Medical Letter is a "treasure"
In my view the ML is a treasure. For a relatively small cost, we have access to unbiased reviews of new drugs, as well as reviews of drug classes.. This subscription is a no brainer.
Submitted by A. Adinoff
Very useful summary
I wish to commend the author(s) of Issue No. 1518. It is an excellent example of what I find most helpful: It is beautifully organized for a nephrologist like me. It gives a very useful summary of the approach to drug therapy of COPD. Instead of emphasizing details about each...  More
Submitted by R. Maffly
Feedback about The Medical Letter is all positive!
I rely on Medical Letter to keep me educated outside my subspecialty of reproductive endocrinology. The unbiased information is excellent.
Submitted by E. Marut
I am very happy with The Medical letter
I started subscribing around 1984, after your product was recommended by a professor at my medical school (McGill University, in Montreal, Canada). And I have been very satisfied ever since. Firstly, I have confidence in your recommendations. Secondly, I like that you mention...  More
Submitted by S. DiTommaso
If you only read one journal
In 1977, Dr. Montague Lane, Professor of Oncology at Baylor College of Medicine, told his students, ''If you only read one journal after graduating, make it the Medical Letter.'' I haven't forgotten his words, and have subscribed ever since.
Submitted by J. Raiss
Congratulations on the publication of Issue 1500 of The Medical Letter
I read my first issue as a sophomore medical student in the spring of 1968, on the recommendation from my pharmacology professor, and I have never stopped.

Thank you for your continued dedication to excellence and for helping the thousands of clinicians bridge the...  More
Submitted by R. Perkins
Unbiased information which can't be found in any other single source
As director of two large drug information centers over the years, I have relied on The Medical Letter continuously for unbiased information which simply can't be found in any other single source. I have been a subscriber of The Medical Letter since the early 1970's and have...  More
Submitted by C. Conner
The best medical reference
Thank you for the best medical reference I read! Straightforward, unbiased, clinically useful, always up to date--I've subscribed since medical school. Content quality is consistently high, and you're a terrific way for a specialist to keep up on general internal medical issues...  More
Submitted by L. Palewski
I feel as tho I'm up to date
I have subscribed to THE Medical Letter since the late 1960's or early 70's. I can't remember which. I have been retired from the active practice of Medicine for nearly 16 years but have continued to read and study TML and Treatment Guidelines during this time and I feel as tho...  More
Submitted by C. COLE
Authoritative, evidence-based, and up-to-date information.
Submitted by J. MARTINEZ
Great for CME
Great for knowledge and cme
Submitted by A. SHAH
The best unbiased source
The best unbiased source of information about drugs on the market.
Submitted by S. COULTER
Timely topics
Timely topics. Concise information
Submitted by C. BRYER
Provides concise reviews
Provides concise reviews of new products and puts them in perspective with existing therapy.
Submitted by D. ELLIOTT
Non-biased, practical concise advice
Non-biased, practical concise advice. I especially like Treatment Guidelines for an excellent summary of rx for the most common illnesses.
Submitted by M. WHEELER
Objective information based on available studies
The Medical Letter provides objective information based on available studies. It points out what data is NOT known. It includes cost information. One can find a summary of information about a medication in one place, and know that the information is as factual as possible.
Submitted by L. REEVES
Cannot be without
The references, selection of subjects, presentations, and topical nature of each letter is outstanding and easily applied to clinical practice as well as concurrent chart reviews and financial planning . Cannot be without this important source of information.
Submitted by T. RICE
Easy to glean useful info at a glance
I have been a subscriber to The Medical Letter for over 20 yrs. As a small town rural physician, The Medical Letter is usually my first exposure to new therapeutics. It is easy to read in one sitting and the format makes it easy to glean the useful info at a glance. I also...  More
Submitted by M. PEADEN
My favorite!
Used it for 22 years for pharmacolgy update and CME. Evidence based, clearly written, non-biased, common sense approach with focus on effciacy and safety and cost effectivelness. My favorite!
Submitted by B. WEANER
Your best source
I have been a subscriber for over 35 years. Your best source for unbiased,critical information on new drugs, current use, etc.!
Submitted by C. KINZER
Professionally valuable source
I'm now retired. The Medical Letter has long been a credible and professionally valuable source of updated clinical information and source of CME for me.
Submitted by T. SAVORY
Read the medical letter before using new drugs
I have subscribed to the medical letter for over 30 years, since residency it is an unbiased nice review of drugs i dont always trust the drug reps i go read the medical letter before using new drugs
Submitted by D. FABRICIUS
I like the critical-to-the-point-of-skeptical tone of the reviews.
Submitted by R. DUFFY
It provides concise, unbiased, authoritative, well referenced, clinically pertinent information.
Submitted by F. CARTER
Analysis that you can hang your hat on
Objective, thoughtful analysis that you can hang your hat on.
Submitted by T. KERN
Essential to my practice as NP
Excellent presentation drug information with recommendations. Excellent CE program helps focus & reinforce important information. Have been a subscriber of both for > 15 yrs & essential to my practice as NP & role as nursing educator in college of nursing.
Submitted by G. NESPOLI
Unapologetic adherence to significant data
I'm a hyper-critical SOB. Your unapologetic adherence to clinically & statistically significant data appeal to me. I don't need ads - I get those from the drug reps.
Submitted by S. SHARP
True information about pharmaceuticals Priceless
Submitted by M. STAGGERS
Succinct summary
A succinct summary about medications and treatments that is usually relevant to my practice.
Submitted by D. ENGLANDER
Unbiased, honest up to date information
Submitted by N. FLEMING
Scientifically stringent
Concise. scientifically stringent. up to date. analytic evaluations in relationship to real clincial practice. most importantly-- free from Big Pharma influence.
Submitted by J. KEELEY
Simple, unbiased reviews
Simple, unbiased reviews and reports that keep those of us not in primary care abreast of the bewildering array of drugs our patients are taking.
Submitted by R. SIMS
Depended on it for 25 years
Have depended on The Medical Letter for unbiased evaluation of medications and devices for 25 years. Well worth it.
Submitted by J. SMITH
Short and concise
The Medical Letter is a great resource for getting current information on new drugs and to learn about possible problems with drugs on the market. I love that it is very short and concise.
Submitted by L. VESSELY
Keeps me current
Keeps me current on new meds and treatment guidelines in a very efficient and non-biased fashion. Expeditious CME
Submitted by J. LANCOURT
Valuable details
unbiased opinions; short; clear; valuable details on things like pricing and if a medication's extra cost is really worth it
Submitted by U. SUJANSKY
Very useful
no way I could read all those journals trying to keep up with newer medications. very useful
Submitted by J. BARDENHEIER
Read religiously for years
I've read The Medical Letter religiously for years. It offers concise, up-to-date info on drugs, totally free of commercial bias. The cost and efficacy of new drugs is compared with older ones. The compendium articles (statins, antihypertensives, etc etc) are extremely...  More
Submitted by S. LEE
Best source I know
it is important for physicians to get NON pharmacy company information, non industry sponsored, about new drugs and comparison with existing treatments helps decide whether to even bother with me-too meds. best source i know for the new -ab drugs: immunosuppresives and...  More
Submitted by S. LONDERVILLE
I wouldn't miss an issue
I find the information very helpful and pleasantly unbiased. I wouldn't miss an issue.
Submitted by G. ROSEN
Long time subscriber!
Excellent review of what we should already know (with updates) and excellent coverage of adverse (side) effects with mention of comparative cost on new drugs. (Long time subscriber!) Thanx much for your consistency. R.E. Myer
Submitted by R. MYER
Up to date information on drugs
The Medical Letter provides me with up to date information on drugs and their use. It is quite useful in my practice of pharmacy.
Submitted by R. LENZ
Helps me evaluate
Helps me evaluate whether I will use new medications or not
Submitted by K. KUSUNIS
Helps me keep up
It helps me keep up with new medicines and those I use every day.
Submitted by P. ODEA
Keeps me up to date
Keeps me up to date, with info coming in small doses
Submitted by C. CHURGIN
Impartial evaluation
Like the impartial evaluation of new meds with pros and cons.
Submitted by E. BROWN
Low cost and easy to access CME
Low cost and easy to access CME. Up to date unbiased information.
Submitted by D. MIRKIN
Unbiased skeptical review
I love the unbiased skeptical review of new medications.
Submitted by A. FUCHS
Clear, concise, well-documented
The Medical Letter reviews are unbiased. The guidance for treatment and understanding the conditions being addressed are always clear, concise, well-documented.
Submitted by R. ALGRA
window of insight
Keeps me abreast of new drugs that show up on the med list . Also a small window of insight to what is happening in cardiology ID rheum etc.
Submitted by J. HERDE
Unbiased, concise evidence
Unbiased, concise, evidence based information. Great format, easy to use/quote and share.
Submitted by J. TANNENBAUM
Objective and honest information
I enjoy the objective and honest information. Other journals often have articles which are just advertising.
Submitted by T. SHALLIN
Up to date
Up to date and precise pharmacological information.
Submitted by A. PRICE
Information I can trust
The Medical Letter gives me information I can trust to be as free of industry bias as possible. The CME program is also excellent, I have used it for years.
Submitted by C. BYERS
More confidence to discuss medications
With the medical letter information, I have more confidence to discuss medications with patients and to provide my patients up-to-date mediation information.
Submitted by S. CHENG
Keeps me up to date
I feel confident that reading the Medical Letter, every issue, keeps me up to date on pharmaceutical issues.
Submitted by K. BETHEL
Very succinct format
I love the medical letter. There is no better way to keep up with new pharmaceuticals in an unbiased way! Very succinct format and CME's you can use across all specialties
Submitted by V. PACOLD
Honest, unbiased
Honest, unbiased and free of financial influence.
Submitted by H. ZEITMAN
Please don't stop what you do!
It is one of few sources of non commercially biased pharmaceutical information. Please don't stop what you do! Thank you.
Submitted by D. FETCHICK
Excellent concise reviews
Excellent concise reviews. Appreciate the work you do.
Submitted by M. LEVITTE
Up to date analysis
Up to date analysis of new (and older) drugs -- independent
Submitted by F. PERLROTH
I REALLY value the science-based reports
I have subscribed to The Medical Letter for many years. The sheer number of new medications that are developed is mind boggling to me: The Medical Letter introduces me to many of them. I REALLY value the science-based, unbiased reports on medications/vaccines/etc that the...  More
Submitted by M. JOHNSON
It is the one source I compulsively read
I have been subscribing since 1988. I appreciate how every two weeks I am succinctly kept up to date on the latest treatments or disease management options. I also get CME for it. It is the one source I compulsively read and have done so for almost 30 years.
Submitted by M. DRESSNER
A welcome antidote to advertising hype
I just want to say how much I appreciate your consistently well-written reviews not only of medications but of the entire process of medication development, approval, marketing, etc. Your reflections on the industry are a welcome antidote to advertising hype. It is also...  More
Submitted by R. Rowlett
Medical Letter & the former Treatment Guidelines have been valuable reference concise & pertinent info for our practices. I have continually recommended these references to friends & colleagues over the years. Truly OUTSTANDING !!!
Submitted by P. WONG-DION
The source of unbiased information
With the pharmaceutical industry making each new drug sound like a miracle, it is reassuring to know that there is a source of unbiased information about new and old drugs. There is just enough information about the mechanisms of action of new drugs and sometimes a nice review...  More
Submitted by C. TREJO
Immediately applicable to my everyday practice
TML provides me regularly with updated, clearly written and unbiased evaluations of newly-appearing drugs, medications and emerging therapies. Much of this information is immediately applicable to my everyday practice and enables me provide the most up-to-date therapies in...  More
Submitted by J. ANDREWS
The most helpful clinical information
Solid and scientific presentation of key information on new therapeutic management and introduction of newly released medications. I find the Medical Letter to provide the most helpful clinical information and its approach provides a hard headed and critical advice and...  More
Submitted by M. FARBER
Scrupulous honesty, clarity and completeness
I value ML because of its scrupulous honesty, clarity and completeness of information that is completely untainted by the tentacles of Big Pharma and their advertising and funding policies. I especially like your notations and emphasis that most often, the drug information...  More
Submitted by N. GOTTFRIED